Component C

Component C


USAID SEED’s Component C works on increasing income and employment of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises (MSMEs) and supporting Entrepreneurs by integrating them into progressive value chains to facilitate development.


To support the growth and development of MSMEs in Egypt and integrate them into existing progressive value chains which include formally linking MSMEs to Large firms and Enterprises as well as providing services to the value chains as a whole.


MSMEs face numerous challenges when integrating into progressive value chains including but not limited to:
1. Limited access to reliable market information
2. Inadequate skills, tools, and processes to act on market opportunities
3. Limited access to finance


MSMEs can be better integrated into Value Chains because sector or industry associations will have the capacity to support MSMEs as part of a continuous learning effort and to provide reliable and timely market information.


The Team


Dalia El-Molla – Integrating MSMEs and Entrepreneurs into Progressive Value Chains Team Lead


Dalia has over 18 years of experience in capacity building and developmental activities such as strategic process improvement, client relationship management, business analysis and value chain integration.

She developed both an understanding of and relationships with key stakeholders across the Egyptian MSME ecosystem during her multiple long and short-term assignments with various USAID funded projects.

Her experience as a Business Development Expert combined with her engineering background provided her with a thorough understanding of how to initiate and monitor the implementation of mega-industrial projects, including how to select projects, lead their development, and revitalize business performance through assessments and implementation of strategic process improvements.


She has created matchmaking events that linked MSMEs with larger firms in selected sub-sector value chains, in order to generate commercially viable and sustainable business linkages and is heavily engaged with public and private sector partners, including but not limited to Industrial Chambers, Investment Associations, Businessmen’s Associations, Financial Institutions, Government officials at national and local levels and other service providers to improve their ability to provide services to MSMEs and create better investment opportunities.

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Ahmed Gamal – Value Chain Development Advisor, Plastics and Automotive Feeding Industries

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Mahmoud Emara – Value Chain Development Advisor, Dairy and Fisheries


As our Value Chain Development Advisor for Dairy and Fisheries, his role is to support these two sectors through creating a needs assessment map and coming up with innovative solutions towards overcoming the obstacles facing MSME development and growth.

He also a certified manager of quality / organizational excellence from the American Society of Quality (ASQ). Prior to USAID’s SEED Project, Dr. Emara managed different accounts while working at the Arab Health and Development Corporation (AHDO) where he established food safety systems, monitored implementation and progress and delivered different consultation and training programs.

Dr. Emara received his Ph.D. in Food Safety and Microbiology from the Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University in 2014. He has 10 years of experience in food safety and quality as an auditor, a consultant and a high field (UK Approved Trainer) for Food safety, HACCP and Effective Auditing and Inspection techniques for different accounts in the food sector such as catering, hospitality and food industries.

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Wael Gamaleldin – Value Chain Development Advisor, Ready Made Garments


Wael is a Textile Engineering graduate of Alexandria University, Egypt with over 18 years of international experience in Global Sourcing, Quality Assurance, Supply Chain Management and Product Development within textiles and ready-made garments value chains inside and outside Egypt.


He has Master’s Degree in Textile Value Chain Management at University of Borås, Sweden, one of Europe’s leading schools of textiles. He worked as an advisor for the ITC, Geneva. Wael’s background granted him a wide experience developing MSMEs and deep knowledge of value chain challenges in Egypt.

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Mostafa Othman – Corporate Social Responsibility Technical Advisor


Mostafa is currently handling corporate social responsibility under Component C.
Before joining our team, he was the Program Assistant at Exports Project, International Labor Organization. His role was to manage the implementation of social compliance standards in exporting factories within three main industries: Ready Made Garments, Textiles and Food.


His previous experience includes working with Takatouf Foundation, the CSR arm of PricewaterhouseCoopers as a Program Assistance of the Sharek Corporate Volunteerism Platform and a fellowship at Lazord Academy which supports the design, implementation and development of experiential and educational programs for young professionals in the Mediterranean region.


Mostafa holds a professional certificate of Project Management from Riti – Regional Information Technology Institute and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (English Section) from Cairo University. He has more than 5 years of experience in the Corporate Engagement.

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Suzan Labib – Senior Advisor, Market and Information Linkages


Suzan is a professional international business expert. Her experience includes managing business development in the private sector, acting as the Senior Policy Officer for Economic and Trade Affairs at the Netherlands Embassy in Cairo and an Advisor for Trade & Investment at the British Embassy Cairo and a Marketing Manager at KOTRA, the Commercial Office of the Korean Embassy.


This distinguished international experience allowed her to create and maintain business relationships, manage events, lead on different business activities and produce numerous market researches.
She assisted many international companies to export by providing sector information, market analysis, market visits in addition to troubleshooting and problem-solving services.


Suzan holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Maastricht School of Management (the Netherlands), a Project Management Diploma and an Advanced Certificate in Trade from the Institute of Export (UK). She originally graduated from the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration.

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Hassan El Badawy – Value Chains Technical Coordinator


Hassan is currently the value chains technical coordinator for integrating MSMEs into progressive value chains. He is a Political Science graduate from The American University in Cairo.

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Nourhane Ahmed – Program Assistant


Nourhane is currently the Program Assistant for Component C of USAID’s SEED Project. She graduated with two Bachelor’s Degrees in Political Science (French Section) from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science (Cairo University) and Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne University.

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