USAID’s SEED in cooperation with the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) Initiative, Nilepreneur, held a three–day (Sep 22-24) training at Nile University for MSMEs, entitled Biodegradability & Additives Technology. The curriculum is based on a detailed mapping conducted by USAID’s SEED in the Plastics Value Chain (VC). Total number of participants was 34, including 14 females.

VC mapping indicated a substantial need for filling certain gaps in the area of Biodegradability and Additive Technology, which would have a positive and sustainable impact on the SMEs and various market stakeholders.

Training was designed as an intervention for MSMEs willing to explore the Biodegradability Technology and new business opportunities within the market.

The Capacity Building Program will transfer knowledge from the VC overall perspective, starting from raw material to Buyers from various industries interested in purchasing and outsourcing these products.

The main goal of the training is to enhance MSMEs’ knowledge and support them technically, in addition to introducing them to different Biodegradable & Additives Market Applications. Another goal is matching buyers’ needs and requirements with potential suppliers. To show case buyers’ needs, raw material suppliers, as well as popular market brands like electronics or cosmetics manufacturers/retailers are invited to present their needs and commitments.

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